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The Husband Chronicles

In order to ensure that I don't get in trouble later, from now on I will be chronicling my adventures as a new husband. Any stories may seem fabricated to other points of view, but that's just what they are: points of view. Anything I write will be how I saw it. With that being said, enjoy episode one!

Episode 1: The Fiber Powder Debacle

As most of my readers know, I am recently married and happily so! Liz is by far my best friend, perfect roommate, and the greatest person I know. She is so adorable that lately when we get in a tiff, I tend to laugh instead of get angry!

It started when were cooking turkey burgers for dinner (I must admit by the way, my best batch yet). Liz had to grab something from the pantry. While pulling it out from the shelving, her canister of fiber plopped out onto the ground and spilled everywhere. Not that much of a deal for a normal living situation, but since we didn't have the space for our wedding gifts (they're coming in on Saturday), we were mop-less, Swiffer-less, and broom-less. We were stranded on the linoleum floor looking helplessly around trying to figure what to do.

I started to get frustrated from the fact that I hate spills. I really do! It definitely stems from Starbucks. Whenever a milk pitcher is dropped, it spells an extra 2 minute wait time on all drinks, PLUS a longer line of drinks because we don't have a pause button.

Immediately then, my mind switched to Starbucks mode and wanted to become inventive with what we have. Liz immediately ran to grab one of our brand new towels.

R: "Liz, what are you doing?"
L: "Grabbing a towel honey!"
R: "A paper towel will pick this up just as well as a normal towel, but it will be cheaper."
L: "No it won't. Besides we're almost out of paper towels and we need them."

By this time I'm completely confused. I thought that spending the 3.00 it takes to wash a towel was more expensive than buying more paper towels. So now there's a quote floating around Liz's blog: "Well towels are for bodies, paper towels are for messes". And yes, I did say something to that light. It's the way God intended it. Besides, I didn't like the thought of using a nice new towel for that.

The result: I grabbed a roll of toilet paper and used a Liz-picked George Foreman tray (I asked for a cup, but she's right it DID work better) to clean the mess up.

Needless to say that after our bickering, we ended up laughing the matter off. So far, I'm really enjoying this whole marriage lifestyle. It's like a never-ending sleepover with great food!


Meredith Andrews has this song called "You're Not Alone". Total cheesy Christian song, but gets me right at the heart, because it was so pertinent to me right now. You see, I have my private loans unlocking on me, and they're just as much as a house payment! I know I can't do this alone, and I knew that He gave me a way to go to school. So all I'm doing is laying it at His feet.

It's a bit like a splinter in your foot, constantly annoying, yet not bothersome enough to completely shut me down.

After David grabbed his stones to throw at Goliath he ran to the battle lines. Just like David, I'm taking what God has given me and defeating all doubt and transgression by taking it head on.

When God is with me, who can be against me?

I've decided that once I'm married this blog is going to also be a place to catalog the married life. While it won't be too detailed, I'm looking forward to writing my perspective on things that will change. Plus, since the Internet is infinite, my children will be able to read the entries as they get older. One more reason to catalog my adventures with my beautiful lady.

Chesterton and Cough Syrup

After finding out that G.K. Chesterton's "The Everlasting Man" had such a profound influence on C.S. Lewis' Christian walk, I really want to pick up a copy...Alas! I always want more and more books. But this one seems so promising! I mean seriously, read this quote:

"Pessimism is not in being tired of evil but in being tired of good. Despair does not lie in being weary of suffering, but in being weary of joy."

I love the way this man thinks...Always looking at things from a different lens than a normal person would, however still making sense. Great concept, eh? This book apparently is full of them, looking at Christ from outside the bubble in order to understand the beauty of it all. I really hope this book somehow falls in my lap!

On another note, I've been going through some form of cold bug or something. It's been a weird feeling. At first I was extremely cold, then I couldn't get out from under the blankets quick enough! Following the weird shakes, I've had crap going down my pipes making me sound like a asthmatic with a smoking addiction. Could it have been swine flu? Meh, who cares?! I'm alive and slowly getting better! I hope you all are doing well, and I promise to write on this more!

Lizzie, 13 more days!

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wedding Website

So today has been uneventful. As of late, life has become a well paced relaxed lull. I like, because when the stressful things come flying in from every direction, they don't faze me and I have tons of energy waiting on getting them settled.

Take the wedding blog for an example. While this may seem like something easily done, it is no small task. I hate working on it, even though I know everyone needs to know what is going on and blah blah blah. I just wish there was a way for them to just somehow know where to go, so I didn't have to write 8 different sets of directions. Oh well. I can't wait till a couple of days after the wedding so I can look at the site one last time, and then click the word "delete webpage". That will be a glorious moment. Take that stupid website! See if you ever haunt my dreams!

Other than the website stuff, I've been able to relax quite well recently. I've picked up the Chronicles of Narnia series and I LOVE it! The stories are so well written, so well put together, and so much imagination in them. I can't wait for night snuggles with my wife and kids as I read the adventures of Caspian, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. Those days will be a blessing.

It's actually quite a cool concept that C.S. Lewis employed when he wrote the series. Apparently, he wanted Jesus to be the model for Aslan (the super cool lion who comes at the most needed times). He wanted a story were, as the child grew up reading them, could slowly put two and two together and love Jesus like they did Aslan when they were younger. By doing this, Lewis also catered to adults, because you can see elements within the lines that a child wouldn't. My only regret is that I didn't read them as a child when my imagination soared.


It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.
Galatians 5:1

I love this verse so much. In Christ there IS freedom. There's no doubt that this is true. But when I first encountered this a few years ago, I had no clue what Paul meant when he said "a yoke of slavery". Early American abolitionists used to use this verse as a means to encourage them to not go back to an old way of living, rather push forward and live a better life! This thought gives even more life to an odd verse. However, what Paul is talking about is what happens when you come to Christ and the change you take on because of it. My friend and brother in Christ, Pony, hit on this with great veracity last night.

Romans 6 speaks of this killing of self. When we sinned: when we did drugs, lied, murdered, cheated, hated, drank heavily we were living in a sinful wasteland. But when we come to know Christ, when we breathe in and welcome the grace that He has waiting for us, when we walk in the way of His fruits and accept Christ as a full life change we kill our old self.

Lately, as my friends can attest to, I refer to stupid things I did in the past as my old, dead self. For instance, last night while I was sitting on the front porch with Christa and Pony, I could smell weed and couldn't get my concentration off of it. I kept on saying, "you don't smell that?" Maybe they could, but they were able to ignore more easily than I could. I couldn't. It made me want to run inside with a can of Febreeze trailing my steps. Why would I do that? I detested what it reminded me of. It reminded me of who I used to be. I had to remove myself from who I once was and who I am now. These two scriptures helped that. Romans 6:2 says that "we died to sin"! 6:6 speaks of crucifying our old selves with Christ. IT was a great reminder to me that even though I have stupid reminders of stupid rebellious things I have done long ago, it isn't what defines me now. I killed it long ago when I fully gave my heart to Christ.

If there are things in this world that hold you down and you can seem to get free, there is freedom in Christ Jesus. The road isn't fully easy, but the end result is much better. And if you feel like you have love in your life now, wait until God takes hold of you!

Google: the Evil Empire?

Google is preparing to digitize the known libraries of the world. While this venture seems great above the surface, it still remains to be seen how everything will end. The primary concern for this project is whether the publishers (and subsequently, the writers) will get any monetary compensation for their work. This concern has come to the forefront of this proposed project. In lieu of the publishers and authors, the librarians have already begun an internal war over this issue: debating whether this project will help or hinder the local libraries.
In order to move around the prospect of prosecution for copyright infringement and to appease the naysayer librarians, Google plans on taking their case to the United States Court System. Also, in an effort to begin investigation, the Department of Justice has already looked into this project to see if it will give the consumers a different product to purchase, or if this will become a competitive item to the tangible books already on shelving nationwide.
The only redeeming factor about this situation is that Google’s pursuit for freedom from future prosecution will only become something awarded on the surface. The decision that the US courts give will still have to keep the copyright law intact. The author should have the right to decide whether or not they want to have their work scanned and placed online for all to view or purchase.
This situation is still a bit disconcerting. My fiancĂ© is presently working towards a Graduate degree in Library Science. Supposedly, this field is rapidly growing and in high need for bright, educated librarians. I can’t help but wonder what does this move by Google mean for the librarians of the world? Do these elegant, stylized, buildings become places for people to hook up their USB to a port and download Joyce’s Ulysses? Or does this situation dissipate into another form of hype, making a victory for all the physical book readers of the world.
Personally, I used to own a digital book reader. Even though Google’s efforts are admirable, it doesn’t really bother me too much. I know there are many like me who cannot stand staring at a screen for hours to read when they can take a book to a bathtub and just soak in all the verses more comfortably. Plus, a physical book gives the reader a romance unfound in a Kindle or any other digital reader. So while Google tries to gain some right on putting these books online, Librarians and book lovers alike shouldn’t fret as much as the media. After all, it just means another route of access to get the Hemingway, Fitzgerald, or Steinbeck stories we have come to love and enjoy.

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